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the young ladies and their bare shoulders

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I have been thinking a lot about drawing lately. Since yesterday, actually. In fact, doing more thinking than the actual drawing. *shifty look* It all started with the Europe plans, and my decision to spend two weeks in London alone. I decided I will try to commit the alone time to draw, in a place that is so warming and inspiring to me. 🙂 And just now I watched Tangled (instead of doing my work, thanks to my brother), and watching the credits roll after a good animation film just rekindles that old dream of one day having my name among the credits, too.

-insert wistful sigh here-

Well in honour of the princess-y mood of Tangled, here is a princess-y sketch from (way) earlier this year:

(Incidentally, this was drawn while I was on a solitary trip from London up to Edinburgh.)

Have a floating fish as well!


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December 15, 2011 at 3:28 pm

Nothing but summer rain

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Doodle from a month or two ago (have lost track of this concept of Time) and colourified in…1 hour/2 hours? *marvels at procrastinating ability*

currently loving this deep dusty red/brown/pink colour. Need to learn to be braver with colours (but it is just so much quicker and more fun to just doodle in pencil).

Jude again — I don’t think she had blue hair before this, now I realise it looks nice (well anything can look nice in a picture I guess) and kind of suits her. So, Jude is a small-time musician (without really big aspirations for fame) and the title of this post comes from the song she is singing. I draw her more than Ted because guys’ hair is hard to draw. T_T But I should pay him more attention because his story is actually a bit more interesting.

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November 22, 2011 at 5:47 pm

“I’m here”

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Sketch from 2009:

It’s Ted and Jude – I’ve featured one half of them in my first post but here is the two of them together. These characters take on a life of their own, really. I am quite sure that they love each other a lot but I never really know if it goes beyond the platonic into the romantic. Or maybe I’m just indecisive, or I just want to paint the message that it doesn’t matter what kind of love it is. What matters is the depth. Like the kind portrayed in the song “For Good” (Wicked).. or “Flying Without Wings”. Everybody’s looking for that something, everybody knows it.

Enough rambling. :-p I made an attempt at colourifying it last year:

…but failed miserably (as seen from my frustration). Probably for the better, too, since there are too many problems with the drawing itself! I need to keep practising to smooth out these sorts of kinks though it does get hard nowadays.

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October 27, 2011 at 11:39 am

fat-bottomed girls

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From 2010:

From the time when I got REALLY obsessed with Queen! I really like ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’ because it is just such a funny song. xD But I think I like ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ the most because it feels like one big exhilarating rocket scooter ride. Although I listen to contemporary music, the fact that I go through obsessive ‘phases’ with The Beatles, Queen, Fats Waller and even Rod Stewart (wtf, I know) leads me to believe that I have old-people taste. 😐

On an unrelated note, I rediscovered an online manga which I used to follow religiously, and spent a whole day reading everything that I had missed on. Dx I rather fell out of love with the artist a few years ago I think, because of her stylistic changes, but now it feels like her current work marries the Heart that was in her old work with her improved abilities and I really respect her work more than ever before. *geek mode* 😎 A link to her online manga, Carciphona, is newly added. –>

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October 19, 2011 at 12:04 pm

introducing Mr. Charlie Poplin

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another sketch from 2010: (colourified in 10 mins :x)

Mr. Poplin walked into my head as I was helping Denise with one of her art school projects… It was a project to create a brand and one of her ideas was to create a name out of fabric names like poplin, herringbone and twill. Herringbone => herring, poplin => chaplin, and hence I found Mr. Charlie Poplin. I also found the idea of a dandy gentlefish (marine equivalent of a gentleman) quite amusing. He he :-p

The scanner is not really working now so I will keep digging for old things that I still like, to post. :’-D In the meantime I will keep up the drawing. I hope. Yesterday I drew a snail. …Yeap. Totally on a roll!

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October 1, 2011 at 9:03 am

forgot something

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Favourite sketch from 2010:
(click to full-view)

meant to be Jude, as in one-half of my little Ted & Jude story. Their exact personalities and their story are still in the works. Perpetually in the works, but I don’t mind. They’ve both got professions and missions (it feels like playing Sims :-0) and the rest will hopefully continue developing at the back of my head.

Hello new blog! I wanted to start a sketch/doodle/general-messing-around archive, with no rambling unless relevant. Hopefully encourage myself to at least doodle something everyday. I’ve been inspired by a self-help book (gasp!) and the guy behind Savage Chickens. I really want this one to last!

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September 30, 2011 at 6:31 pm