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Waterlilies (updated)

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I went painting on Sunday and finally “finished” the previously-WIP painting.



I say “finished” because it was very difficult to declare it “finished”… I felt that I could keep going on trying to make it better because it can never be perfect. =_=

Decided to add some fishes into the empty space because (1) there was an empty space, and (2) who doesn’t like fishes? bloop.


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October 31, 2016 at 2:25 pm

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Waterlilies (WIP)

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A progress shot taken just yesterday on a painting I’ve been working on (still not finished after a 2nd session!):

Progress painting 21 Aug 2016

I’m not doing too well on this blog, am I? I will now make it up with more words than usual!

In my purported but not quite valid defence, I have quite a few more life distractions now. One big, unhealthy distraction is the new phone that I just got a few months ago… As my friends are well aware now, encouraging me to get a “smartphone” was not a great idea at all because the only things I use it for are (a) games and (b) reading ASOIAF metas. (What are metas? Let’s not get into that because I am already a big enough nerd as it is.)

I also have other, healthier obsessions though. For one thing, I got into bread baking. What really hooked me was when I started getting into sourdough. It was so difficult to get the hang on at first – my family had to deal with multiple tubs of growing yeast colonies – but once the first loaf succeeded I just couldn’t stop. I’m also growing a mini garden of indoor plants – we currently have little tomato, chilli and coriander saplings in little pots. We also have some onions, and the shoots went into garnishing some fried rice tonight (Mba said that we have real organic food now, haha).

I’m also excited now that guitar lessons are finally caught up to my current playing ability, so every lesson is much more challenging and interesting. (I hope we can sneak in some non-classical songs to learn.)

I suppose I’ve also been not entirely successful with healthily distracting myself from work sometimes (largely because I get into the unhealthy distractions, and then I don’t have time to finish my work, etc).

I guess since this blog is meant to celebrate life’s little distractions, I will post more pictures of my other exploits in future.

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August 22, 2016 at 2:05 pm

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