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Colours of the sky, and larch trees in autumn

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Is it too early for a reflection-on-the-whole-year sort of post? Well I didn’t intend it, but I wanted to post a sketch from Mongolia, and I think reflection necessarily comes with thoughts of Mongolia.


(Again, kind of surprised that I still know how to use Photoshop, sort of.)

2016 is, as a whole, a pretty sucky year. Except that I went to Mongolia this year, and that may very well make up for the rest of the year. I’m not sure if I can put into written word the special-ness of that trip without being incoherent. I spent almost the entire trip fretting and praying that I would not fall off my horse and down the hills and to my death. And then I spent the following week back homeĀ feeling, in place of those said worries, not relief but hollowness. I think, maybe, that may just about sum it up and anyway I never intended this to be a wordy blog.

And then, of course, since Mongolia, a lot of things happened… both far away and closer to home.

Much more recently, I finally visited the new National Gallery of Singapore, with Mas. I really enjoyed Iskandar Jalil’s Kembara Tanah Liat collection. But the beauty of the shapes and the colours are quite difficult to capture in drawing. So on my journey home, I embarked on attempts at Georgette Chen instead:


out of shape/proportion.


still pretty out of proportion in the facial features, but I liked it enough to play around with.

I guess despite all the sucky things that happened this year, it has been a sobering year. And I am quite thankful for that.

As the Foo Fighters say, “It’s times like these / you learn to live again; It’s times like these / you give and give again”.




Or maybe that’s all bullshit, but I don’t want to stop trying.


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December 25, 2016 at 11:02 am

Lady Lawyer again

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From 2010? 2011? I have lost track of time.

A more serious-looking one. Testing out a new ink pen. (I don’t know why she always looks angry…)

A less serious one, inspired by the famous fictional lawyer Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney!!

Had to post Lady Lawyer again because tomorrow is our Commencement ceremony… This looming graduation has set off a lot of troubling thoughts in my head. One of my new resolves is to Remember that I did not enter law school just for kicks, and I should really make up for 4 years of slacking by working much harder during this training period, and during work itself. The other thing that has been troubling me is a much trickier subject and it is still troubling me AND I don’t know how to resolve it yet. :I

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July 6, 2012 at 4:23 pm

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Lady Lawyer

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Superpowers include the ability to run in heels, file court documents at the 59th minute and write intimidating e-mails to opposing counsel.

Also the ability to deal with a douchey boss.

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April 22, 2012 at 9:19 am

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not going to say much

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i had meant to just post the little sketch of Lady Lawyer at the bottom (will elaborate in another post), this being the start of the run-up to the moot and all, but I quite like what I wrote and it made me feel quite wistful, so.

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February 14, 2012 at 2:35 pm

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