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Sketch from 2009:

It’s Ted and Jude – I’ve featured one half of them in my first post but here is the two of them together. These characters take on a life of their own, really. I am quite sure that they love each other a lot but I never really know if it goes beyond the platonic into the romantic. Or maybe I’m just indecisive, or I just want to paint the message that it doesn’t matter what kind of love it is. What matters is the depth. Like the kind portrayed in the song “For Good” (Wicked).. or “Flying Without Wings”. Everybody’s looking for that something, everybody knows it.

Enough rambling. :-p I made an attempt at colourifying it last year:

…but failed miserably (as seen from my frustration). Probably for the better, too, since there are too many problems with the drawing itself! I need to keep practising to smooth out these sorts of kinks though it does get hard nowadays.


Written by dratn

October 27, 2011 at 11:39 am

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