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fat-bottomed girls

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From 2010:

From the time when I got REALLY obsessed with Queen! I really like ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’ because it is just such a funny song. xD But I think I like ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ the most because it feels like one big exhilarating rocket scooter ride. Although I listen to contemporary music, the fact that I go through obsessive ‘phases’ with The Beatles, Queen, Fats Waller and even Rod Stewart (wtf, I know) leads me to believe that I have old-people taste. 😐

On an unrelated note, I rediscovered an online manga which I used to follow religiously, and spent a whole day reading everything that I had missed on. Dx I rather fell out of love with the artist a few years ago I think, because of her stylistic changes, but now it feels like her current work marries the Heart that was in her old work with her improved abilities and I really respect her work more than ever before. *geek mode* 😎 A link to her online manga, Carciphona, is newly added. –>


Written by dratn

October 19, 2011 at 12:04 pm

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