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Not-progress chart

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Something from 2009 which I just recently uncovered:

2009 sketch magician

2009 sketch assassin

So these were characters that I used to draw pretty often… One is a wizard, and the other is an assassin (because, Rurouni Kenshin ftw). I had a storyline going for the latter, though incomplete, and for a long time it was my dream to turn that story into a comic. Luckily I’m a fervent note-taker and hoarder. Ha.

Then, something from recently:

2016 sketch ted

2016 sketch jude

Ted and Jude, who else.

On a sidenote, it seems like I turn to drawing (only) when most of everything else sucks. Though in a way I’m grateful that I have at least that, the last bastion when everything else is, or seems to be, crumbling.

A “thing” that online artists do is to upload “progress charts” where they show something from several years ago compared to current work. Usually the difference is pretty astounding (otherwise there’s no point uploading it, really). So this is a not-progress chart, because not much has changed, even when it has.



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May 9, 2016 at 1:52 pm

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Nothing but summer rain

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Doodle from a month or two ago (have lost track of this concept of Time) and colourified in…1 hour/2 hours? *marvels at procrastinating ability*

currently loving this deep dusty red/brown/pink colour. Need to learn to be braver with colours (but it is just so much quicker and more fun to just doodle in pencil).

Jude again — I don’t think she had blue hair before this, now I realise it looks nice (well anything can look nice in a picture I guess) and kind of suits her. So, Jude is a small-time musician (without really big aspirations for fame) and the title of this post comes from the song she is singing. I draw her more than Ted because guys’ hair is hard to draw. T_T But I should pay him more attention because his story is actually a bit more interesting.

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November 22, 2011 at 5:47 pm

forgot something

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Favourite sketch from 2010:
(click to full-view)

meant to be Jude, as in one-half of my little Ted & Jude story. Their exact personalities and their story are still in the works. Perpetually in the works, but I don’t mind. They’ve both got professions and missions (it feels like playing Sims :-0) and the rest will hopefully continue developing at the back of my head.

Hello new blog! I wanted to start a sketch/doodle/general-messing-around archive, with no rambling unless relevant. Hopefully encourage myself to at least doodle something everyday. I’ve been inspired by a self-help book (gasp!) and the guy behind Savage Chickens. I really want this one to last!

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September 30, 2011 at 6:31 pm