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Plan for a planner

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I’m quite obsessed with planning things (and then never following through with my plans), so it only follows that I get quite obsessed with planners too. I was really into the idea of creating my own product after reading Steve Jobs’ biography, so I started designing my Perfect Planner.

(No, I don’t think of something new everyday, sadly..)

My idea was to create a Black Book / White Book (and maybe Grey), just two different colours and themes. I like planners with information that I don’t necessarily need but is nifty to have, like the world time zones and unit conversions, so those extra bits can be suited for either the Evil-doer or the Good-doer. The rest are in the details, like having the cover firm but flexible for easy writing, nice grid paper on the notes side, a pocket for extra bits of paper, a slot for a pen (very important I think!!)..

I really do actually dream of creating this Perfect Planner one day. I just need to take over Moleskine or something.


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December 24, 2011 at 2:12 pm

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the young ladies and their bare shoulders

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I have been thinking a lot about drawing lately. Since yesterday, actually. In fact, doing more thinking than the actual drawing. *shifty look* It all started with the Europe plans, and my decision to spend two weeks in London alone. I decided I will try to commit the alone time to draw, in a place that is so warming and inspiring to me. 🙂 And just now I watched Tangled (instead of doing my work, thanks to my brother), and watching the credits roll after a good animation film just rekindles that old dream of one day having my name among the credits, too.

-insert wistful sigh here-

Well in honour of the princess-y mood of Tangled, here is a princess-y sketch from (way) earlier this year:

(Incidentally, this was drawn while I was on a solitary trip from London up to Edinburgh.)

Have a floating fish as well!

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December 15, 2011 at 3:28 pm

Sketchbook page – October

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A page from my sketchbook from October:


1. I saw an exchange student studying in the library and couldn’t help thinking how cool he looked even though he was studying. o_o But when I tried to doodle him it ended up looking like a vampire instead.

2. Drawn sometime after the Westlife concert on 3 October. T_T

3. Due to the failed attempt at drawing Cool Exchange Student, I doodled the stuff on his table instead. But still cannot capture how he manages to look cool while studying. Need to know what cool pills he is taking.

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December 4, 2011 at 10:13 am