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law school doodles

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I was cleaning out my law school notes yesterday night (only somewhat successfully..) and I realised what I have been missing the past 1-2 years: my compulsive habit of doodling! Why is it that I can’t get rid of ANY bad habits (biting fingernails, poking pimples) but I didn’t even notice losing this habit that actually is perfectly fine??

From 2008-2010:

I don’t remember where this particular set of notes came from but I *think* it is from the Singapore Legal System module (on constitutionalism).

I like doodling hands and I like this particular pair. From Contract Law notes.

My favourite doodling subjects (besides fat animals (??)). For a long time I’ve wanted to draw out their story in a picture book form but drawing people is difficult. T_T After I doodled this I thought – hey, this would be a nice simple cartoony style for a picture book. But I think I would get rid of the mini eyelashes on Ted since cartoon men can’t seem to have any lashes without looking a little tranny.

I was supposed to finish cleaning out my notes this morning, but I woke up late.. I dreamt that there was a train station leading straight to Venice, but somehow the station my friend and I were headed to was an S-bahn station (with the green sign and all), except that the ‘S’ stood for Siegel, which is a canal in Amsterdam @_@. The result of speeding through Western Europe in a month.


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July 11, 2012 at 4:26 am

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Lady Lawyer again

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From 2010? 2011? I have lost track of time.

A more serious-looking one. Testing out a new ink pen. (I don’t know why she always looks angry…)

A less serious one, inspired by the famous fictional lawyer Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney!!

Had to post Lady Lawyer again because tomorrow is our Commencement ceremony… This looming graduation has set off a lot of troubling thoughts in my head. One of my new resolves is to Remember that I did not enter law school just for kicks, and I should really make up for 4 years of slacking by working much harder during this training period, and during work itself. The other thing that has been troubling me is a much trickier subject and it is still troubling me AND I don’t know how to resolve it yet. :I

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July 6, 2012 at 4:23 pm

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